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Noir Pangaré chocolat belge à fondre

Why always settle for one and the same hot chocolate, when it exists in nature  a variety of original fine cocoas, each one tastier than the next? Noir Pangaré's taste approach is one of choice.

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Noir Pangaré chocolat belge à fondre
Noir pangaré

The first collection of Noir Pangaré sticks to melt is made up of four different origins. São Tomé,  intense black.  India, fruity & deep.  Ecuador, vegetal & sweet.  Madagascar, spiky & round. It is an artisanal product, made in Brussels.

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Noir Pangaré chocolate sticks and cubes to melt are sold by box, identical or assorted. They are sold only  online and shipped with care.

Noir Pangaré
Noir Pangaré
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