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Noir Pangaré chocolat belge à fondre
Black Pangaré? 

It is the meeting of two worlds that have always fascinated me as much as the other. Chocolate and horses. What's the connection, you will ask?

Black pangaré  is the name of a horse coat color. It is another name for bai-brun . It is a dark color, dark brown, silky, shiny, like the aspect of well-crafted quality chocolate.

But the pangaré gene is unique in that it is expressed by lighter shades at the ends of the nose, around the eyes, on the stomach and on the limbs.  

When you turn the stick of dark chocolate in the milk and it is not yet completely melted and mixed with the milk, the edges of the mixture form in the pan lighter traces… like the pangaré.

It's pangaré dark chocolate!

And when the grand cru hot chocolate finally arrives in your cup, all of its nature is expressed in roundness, generosity, power and velvet like smoking nostrils.

Noir Pangaré are hot chocolates like you haven't tasted since your childhood.

I wish you a pleasant moment of indulgence.

Axelle De Borger

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